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The Vercors - Victor Point

The Vercors – a country analysis

Vercors, summer 2021

During the 2021 summer, we made several reports in the Vercors, a historical region in the south of France, with the french journalist Clara Robert-Motta.

Everything for the raviole – They may have their brotherhood, but also their large group, Saint-Jean, trying to conquer all the French market. At what price?

The Vercors no longer responds – Between negligence, lack of investment, need for attractiveness and actions of anti-5G activists, the battle of connection is raging in the region.

No one’s born in Die – Die’s maternity has closed. It seems irremediable, despite the struggles of the inhabitants and caregivers. Today, the city and its surroundings are painfully recovering, with the pending question of the future of the hospital.